Southern Festival of Books

This year’s Southern Festival of Books may have the best program I have ever seen for the event.  Favorite son Madison Smartt Bell is signed up alongside  freshly famous  Gillian Flynn.  Oh, and there is that one,  überseller, you know– that guy…come on, he wrote something about a guy with a secret life and then about a guy who couldn’t hang on to his love life…you know who I mean. If by some chance you don’t know Junot Diaz’s work, or didn’t know he was coming to the festival, get yourself there and listen!

Jim Ridley offered a great run-down of events in the Scene today with his Guide.  You can find complete information over at Humanities Tennessee.

In honor of the festival Nashville Reader is reviewing local author CJ Redwine’s Defiance published this August, click here for the review.  Have a great weekend, and be thankful the Occupy movement left the Plaza in time for the books!