So many great authors and their work were featured at this year’s Southern Festival of Books that it would have been impossible to read and review something from all of them; however much TNR wanted to.  Instead, here is a short sample.  Three best seller’s and my favorite reviews of each one, just click on the title to read the review:  Junot Diaz’s This is How You Lose Her was excellently reviewed by Maureen Corrigan working with Fresh Aire on WHYY , Janet Maslin took an excellent look at Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl for the New York Times, and

my absolute favorite critics, the ladies over at read Margaret Stohl’s Beautiful Creatures .

I read all three of these.  They are good books.  Maybe not the kind you would read twice, but definitely worthwhile.  The best thing about each one of them is something they have in common. Each book taps a central set of  anxieties reflected in popular media: love gone wrong, serial killers and unseen horrors, then the authors shine an individual spotlight on them. If you were generally afraid of the darkside of consciousness before, be aware that shedding light on twisted hearts is not going to restore your faith in humanity.  On the other hand,  you may feel very sane in  comparison to these characters.  Happy Reading and I hope you got out to enjoy this year’s Southern Festival of Books.