Nashville is home, because it is where I learned to read.  certain things happen when you learn to read in Nashville.  You read and write easily to the ambient noise of music, and the people who make it.  From this comes a  deep belief that song lyrics are main street poetry, particularly country music with all its flair for the melodrama of the mundane.  You begin to love stories of heartbreak and searches for understanding without really knowing why.  Bible references are conversational de rigueur, so you automatically know the difference between those and Shakespeare quotes, and oh, how you treasure the quotes.  The texture of a folk tale draws you to a story like a hummingbird to kool-aid (yes, that really works, my birders).  Anything that sounds like someone said it while they were in a kitchen baking biscuits rings like truth in your ears.  No sentence can go on longer, or stream more consciousness than those by the great fugitive writers and their idols.  Finally, nothing and no one is funnier than Mark Twain.