George R.R. Martin seems like a fantastic person.  Not just one of the most imaginitive authors currently writing, but a truly awesome individual.  Anyone who spreads their arms this wide to introduce Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer surely can’t be even a little bit bad.

img_8260_wide-94e92f257043a3b042a79b4ee1720c67ec85d61a-s40-c85This picture is reprinted from and shows Mr. Martin at a charity benefit for the super cool theater he has renovated and re-opened in Santa Fe called the Jean Cocteau cinema.  Here’s a photo and a link to the NPR article on it:

George R.R. Martin, Author And … Movie-Theater Guy?

by CATY ENDERS for NPR all photos by Grayson Schaffer




So George R.R. Martin is the provider of a steady stream of entertainment for millions and millions of book-lovers, t.v. fans and now serious movie-goers as well, and the whole point of this article was that he is pressured by the industry of his own creation.  HBO has threatened to complete the t.v. series Game of Thrones with or without his writing. We are talking about an author who receives death threats over plot developments in the series based on his books–and HBO is going to finish this series without him?!?!?

This is a person who values seeing a movie in a community so much more than seeing it in his private residence that he restored an old theater.  How many of his fans, and how many HBO executives share that value?

Clearly Mr. Martin is an inspired individual.  Should he be put under pressure to finish a work before it’s ready just to keep up with obseesive fans and a jackpot-making television  schedule?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Mr. Martin himself isn’t making money from the television series or his other ventures.  I’m only pointing out that the works that inspired such a fan base were years in the making.  Wouldn’t it be cheating that very fan base if he were pushed to churn out something less inspired just to keep up with an arbitrary schedule.

How much freedom do major authors have today?  In a world where publishing dollars are hard to come by; what lengths should the inspired creators of characters and plots have to go to in order to keep up with “options”?

I for one would rather wait for years to experience a better story.  What are your thoughts?  I would love to hear the comments of other fans.


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