Thinking of whether to buy a Kindle?  Wondering if Amazon really is taking over the world of publishing?  Trying to decide if you believe the reports that ebooks have hit a plateau in sales?  Well, it seems that none of those futuristic, technology based questions are plaguing the world’s largest online retailer.  Their pull still lies in the logistics of moving hard copy books from seller to customer.

This photo and news clip are both reprinted from and originated from AssociatedPress.  The photo credit goes to David Goldman for AP, and the caption identifies the postal carrier as Michael MacDonald in Atlanta.


  • The U.S. Postal Service has made a deal with Amazon to deliver packages on Sundays. For now, delivery will be limited to Los Angeles and New York, but the service is expected to expand into cities such as Dallas, Houston, New Orleans and Phoenix next year. Neither Amazon nor the USPS has released details of the deal, which USA Today notes, is “a welcome new source of revenue for the financially struggling U.S. Postal Service, which has been trying tap into the growth of online shopping.” The New York Times reports: “For the Postal Service, which lost nearly $16 billion last year, first-class mail delivery, particularly on Saturdays, is often a money loser, whereas package delivery is profitable.” The USPS has previously floated a number of ideas – such as eliminating Saturday mail delivery — past Congress to try to cut costs, but most have been returned to sender.

We have known for a long time that the post office moved mail between postal stations on non-delivery days, but now you can actually get your amazon packages on Sundays?!?!  According to an article by Jeremy Greenfield on August 6, 2013 Online book sales (print and ebook) account for 44% of all book sales, and Amazon has a considerable lead in that market.   I am curious to know what percentage of Amazon’s deliveries include a print book, and how many purchases were initiated by a search for a particular print book, but I couldn’t find that information.  If even a quarter of their deliveries contain print books, that could be corroborating evidence for many of the recent claims that ebook sales have hit a plateau, and the ebook revolution has done what it can do.  I suspect those reports are true, but in any case…

Virginia, come out of that room of your own, because there is a Santa Claus, and he delivers on Sundays!