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Nashville’s literary interests are long-standing, the Southern Festival of Books, the Fugitive Writers–oh, and those folks who like to put their poetry to music and call it songwriting have had a strong influence on those of us who learned to read here.  But just now it seems that every aspect of Nashville’s creative movement is expanding.  As a native, I am much more comfortable here in my bookworm skin than ever.  It seems as though I stuck my head in a book as a teenager, and when I looked up twenty years later it was cool to be a literature lover in Nashville.

This is blog is here for reviews of newly released fiction and childrens books, and to offer a showcase for Nashville’s book scene: the events, authors, booksellers and readers by reviewing their books, reading their recommendations and featuring them here on the blog.  In my general reviews of newly released fiction, you will find a section called the Nashville connection:  what it means to me that I am reading this book here, or how being here led me to the book.



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